Personalized Detox Plan

Healing Detox Plans

Liquid Prana Personalized Healing Detox Plans are customized based on a one-on-one consultation.

We start with a deep discussion of your lifestyle, eating habits, and any current, or previously existing, health conditions.
This allows us to together define your desired health goals.

From this we design your personalized, daily eating and drinking program to achieve these defined health goals.

This is all done personally with Liquid Prana cofounder, Dalia Valigy.

The Liquid Prana Team will check on you to offer continuous support during your healing detox experience.

All personalized healing detox plans are designed for 7 to 30 days. And you will receive your plan ingredients every three days.

We have had some incredible success stories with this program for many different conditions!

Reach out to schedule your initial one-on-one consultation today!