Always Raw!  Never Blended or Masticated!  Never Pasteurized!

 Drinking juice


Launched in 2014, Liquid Prana is a luxury brand, already established in the Riviera Maya, with its flagship store based in Playa del Carmen.  It has become praised for the highest quality, cold pressed juices, available in all of Mexico.

The menu’s primary focus is built around REAL cold pressed juices, homemade nut mylks, cold brew coffee, superfood shakes, and superfood frozen bowls. A primary niche includes Daily Detox Plans made exclusively of juices and mylks, and Daily Clean Eating Plans, which combine solid food with liquids. All prepared as 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10 day plans.

The menu additionally includes hydrating tonics, medicinal shots, superfood balls, organic breakfast jars, vegan and keto toasts, vegan and keto homemade baked goods, homemade organic 72-hour bone broth, salads, and much more.


Liquid Prana is guiding people, on a daily basis, how to drink and eat in a way that detoxes the bodymind, increases energy and focus, and improves overall health.