Beginners Detox Plan


Lp morning alkalizer, vital shot, gracious greens, crazy lean, sweet gracious greesn, master cleanser, roots energy, chocolate almond mylk.


Fot those new to juice detox cleansing. Gently purifies the body, eliminates unhealthy toxins, and assists you in returning to a natural state of energy and wellbeing, your body will thank you!


Packed with a variety of juices to renew and revitalise.

The beginners detox plan gently purifies the body, eliminates unhealthy toxins, and assists you in returning to a natural state of energy and well-being.

A great option for those who are new to juice detox cleansing and want a variety of delicious juices in their detox experience. The beginners detox plan is great to reset your system after a bit of excess.

Hydrate, detoxify and alkaline your body with all the colours of the rainbow. Your body will thank you!

The beginners detox plan includes 8 liquid prana glass bottles per day:

  • ​​1 gracious greens (cucumber, romaine, spinach, ginger, lemon)
  • 1 sweet gracious greens (cucumber, romaine, spinach, ginger, lemon, peppermint essential oil, apple)
  • 1 roots energy (beetroot, apple, celery, lemon)
  • 1 crazy lean (pineapple, apple, lemon, peppermint essential oil)
  • 1 lp master cleanser (alkaline water, organic cayenne, organic maple syrup, lime essential oil)
  • 1 lp chocolate almond mylk (sprouted almonds, alkaline water, cinnamon essential oil, dates, organic cacao, organic maca, vanilla, organic himalayan salt)
  • 1 prana shot – vital shot (ginger, lemon, organic cayenne pepper)
  • 1 lp morning alkalise(organic apple cider vinegar, lemon, oxygenated alkaline water)

Recommended schedule

  1. Waking up: lp morning alkalizer (mix in a cup of warm water, optionally add a teaspoon of raw honey)
  2. Breakfast(8 am): prana shot and gracious greens
  3. Snack (10 am): crazy lean
  4. Lunch (1 pm): sweet gracious greens
  5. Snack (3 pm): lp master cleanser
  6. Late afternoon (5 pm): roots energy
  7. Dinner (8 pm): lp chocolate almond mylk
  8. Drink h2o throughout the day


Adjust times as needed for your personal schedule.

Drink water and/or herbal teas throughout the day.

If you feel your body really needs some solid food, you may eat small amounts of the raw fruits or veggies that are in your juices.

Additional liquid prana juices or mylks, that fit in your plan, can be purchased.

Rest, relax and sleep early!